Since 1998, I have been writing my share of poetry (along with some short stories but none of which are in condition to be posted yet) as a sort of life long story. I always figured that if I never got to tell my side of this eternal novel called Humanity on Earth that I'd atleast leave something behind for the future to look back upon.

If a title captures your attention, don't hesitate to read it and me comments.

Flying Low
The smoke whips around me
As he revs up the car
I jump in the seat ready for a ride
With my hair down, the wind making it wild
He looks over at me and smiles
I close my eyes imagining the world around me
I listen to the engine run
Like a tiger hunting his prey
My heart is racing uncontrollably
The rush of wind through my lungs
My heart is pounding
I feel as if I'm flying
I open my eyes and look around
A wide open world
My love, My car
Everything I need

As the Rain Dies
Rain falls, cascading off the roof
The captivating rhythm against the ground
Rays peak out from behind the clouds
As the sun yearns to come forth
Steady comes the heartbeat from beneath my ear
The entrancing pulse against my face
Warmth from your breath warms my neck
As your body longs to stretch forth
The sun reaches out, gazing out upon the flowers
The continuous heat against the petals
Buds unfurl for a first look
As a picture becomes clear
Arms wrap around me, squeezing me tight
The secure feeling radiates against me
Hands explore my body
As soft lips brush mine
Rain begins to die
Soft wind sighs against the window
A gentle whisper melts me away

Truth From the Inside
My heart tells me to love you
My mind says watch out
So many times I open my heart
just to have it broken
So many times I have loved you
just to have you trample my soul
So many times I have opened my mind to you
to have you tell me I'm crazy
You tell me all you want is love
so I give you all I can
My heart torn, my soul crushed, my mind lonely
My body is empty and dieing
You watch me wither as you walk away
Love crushed my world
Ruined what I used to call myself
Nothing left but a person
A rugged mind, an imprisoned soul
And a Loveless Heart

In the Darkness
He ducked behind the brush
Waiting silently for his prey
In the darkness of the night
He stalks waiting for that perfect moment
Breathing heavily, chest rising up and down
His powerful body shifts with his every movement
Heart beating loudly, steadily
His prey moves closer
His moment is arising
One step, two steps
He runs away
In the darkness of the night
He is free and wild, not set by any boundries
In the darkness of the night
He hunts
In the darkness of the night
He kills

Brilliant colors merge together
as the sun sets
The stunning beauty you see
as you watch the phenomenon
One part of nature
that sends you to heaven and back a million times
It brings life to the world
Filling all with a it's hypnotizing splendor
In the sun's final moments
it shines those luminous colors ever so brightly
The sun sets
as the moon takes it's place
The sun sets
with one last fading breath

The Sound of Time
A bell will sound
and death will chime near
The last clear breath of another life
A bell will sound
and life will spring forth
The first step in existence
A bell will sound
and chaos will unveil upon the world
The start of war amongst ourselves
A bell will sound
and tranquility will draw closer
The first ray of hope to all
A bell will sound
and the past will be remembered
The lessons we live by
A bell will sound
and a future will be clear
The desire to go on
A bell will sound
An echo of time

Behind the Moonlight
A winding path beside roaring falls
Lit by the ever bright rays of the moon
Gargantuan trees cast out their towering limbs
Protecting all within it's caring circle
Whispering winds wash gently across my cheek
Caressing my face, sighing softly in my ear
Sounds of the evening murmur smoothly
Becoming music to our hearts
Fireflies dance along the water's edge
Casting out sparkling stars reflecting over it's surface
Silvery mists encircle all in a hazy case
Causing you to shine ever so bright
A warm hand intertwines with mine, stroking my palm gently
Steady ripples break the water as we step upon it's mossy bottom
The waterfall opens it's loving arms
As we move cautiously into it's inviting presence
A small opening above lets through a comforting light
The moon smiles upon the loving moment
Roaring waters conceal an unraveling story
Behind the moonlight, words are written on open pages
Weaving another dream, another tale, for another night

Harmony of Life
Music gives nature life
The silence that only ears can hear
a clear sound and melody
bringing grace to the world
Music is the comfort for those with sorrow
The peace that only your soul can seize
A sheer image of a composer's own personality
giving character to what once was bland
Music breathes life into our hearts
The tune that puts our lives at ease
A magnificent picture painted inside our minds
providing calmness and serenity for the body
Music surrounds the body
and gives a warmth to what our eyes can not see

Soul Identity
I am a daughter
and lover
Inside I am a poet
Using rhyme
Making verse
Outside I am a girl
Outwitting some
Kneeling before others
Combined together
Making up another person
Standing out
Yet coming unnoticed

Paradise in the Blink of an Eye
Your eyes close
then open onto a splendor without description
The tingling in your spine
The hair rising on your neck
Your pulse is racing
Heart going wild
A mystery yet unsolved
A place so far away
The rising trees
With no limits except the sky
A path leding into eternity
The soft chirp of birds
The bellow of the king
And quiet whisper of the wind
Where is this place you are heading to
A silent stream trickles at your feet
Oh what a paradise you have stumbled upon

Shameful Desire
I sit beside the fireplace
Staring into the glowing flames
Sizzling inside it's case
A look I see with such shames
Beyond the fire
Further from the glowing ember
I see a taste of desire
In which I wish to remember
The shame has no end
The desire has yet begun
But the fire I still must tend
Until the flame has sung
Dance does the flame
Till an end is but the same

An Insight to Beauty
An everlasting slumber
To be awaken in the end
and bring back that which had once began
A fiery beauty
Stunning like a midnight star
A peaceful sleep into which she has fallen
To await another conclusion
Snow falls upon her brow
and leaves upon her form
As the seasons change
and time becomes an eternity
She nurtures that which inhabits her soul
Like a mother to a child
For another final moment

Living Free Beyond Reality
I'm flying above the mystical waters of the ocean
I'm free of the chains that hold me back
I'm living another moment in heaven
That trance in your eyes
I'm walking over the rolling hills of the valleys
I'm free from the boundaries that kept me inside
I'm living another moment in heaven
That sweep of your hand across my face
I'm swimming those deep blue seas
I'm free of the deepest hole of eternity and beyond
I'm living another moment in heaven
That time when your lips met mine
I'm strolling the path ahead
I'm free of the restrictions put upon my soul
I'm living another moment in heaven
That moment when your mind met mine

Nightly Wonders
Dreams are like mountains
They reach for your deepest desires
into a sky of wishes
Some stretching forth
and others slightly below
Dreams are like lakes
Like you they stand out in this world
making you unique
Sometimes you shine
other times you are stuck in the crowd
Dreams are like the hands of a child
Reaching for your guidance
TO make them come true
Some making life simple
and others teaching lessons

Lover's Song
Lovers sit in the vast mystical meadows
Beneath the wondering clouds of dancing angels
Holding onto the very breath caught in their arms
Peeking out from behind the wisps,
the sun smiles upon the wondrous moment
Birds perch in gigantic trees,
singing the song of lover's glee
Limbs reach for a small caress from nature's best
cherishing all within it's grasp
Beneath the rolling hills creeps the moon
awaiting glory in the heavenly portrait
Yellow, red, purple, and black
make up the lover's song
as the sun sets and the moon rises
with one shared embrace

And So It Approaches
The showers of April
That are over the hill
Give off such a chill
And leave no place for free will
The summers of June
That will come so very soon
Are pleasant with the moon
And squelching at noon
The beauty of October
That which I will remember
Will bring us all together
And smell like fresh timber
The purity of December
White like painted ember
Flakes of icy rain in a misty chamber
And each was content to be a member

Priceless Treasure
Exquisite forms molded together
Captured in time forever
Once a man wooed a lady
Never did their love go shady
A sculptor thought to capture
So the world could not fracture
Such a glorious miracle
Never had a sculptor seen
A relationship that never leaned
Viewers awed at his wondrous art
Flawless work, each curve capture in part
Both bodies were perfectly crafted
Every mark thoughtfully grafted
But what they didn't see, but would always be
The passion a sculptor pours into his work
Much like the time when a man wooed a lady
And shared that lover's caress
Could there ever have been any less

Unraveling Certainty
From the wise, stories are told
Change begins to unfold
After, the footprints lead
To a mysterious, hopeful seed
It's discovery soon to transform
Someone's future of whom seemed torn
As dreams become reality
Wipe away the pity
For now, in this clear blue sky
Souring above on high
Destiny is clear, and so apprears
Champions of old
Take out your flags, should your ceers
Triumph so all can hear
And so life begins anew
As the sun rises, sweetly dances
So does the glee on our faces
Now, we are safe in all places

Beauty of the Mist
Into the mist, I was shown the way
Blind I thought, but never say
Strong hands guided, never could I be lost
Being mislead was never the case, not all a cost
Into the mist, I dare to stroll
Until time again, takes it's toll
As we emerge from this enclosed prison
To once again have risen
more than hate, as simple as love
Pure and white as a dove
Looking around the wide open plain
I once again felt pain
Eyes had deceived what I had yet to notice
The beauty of the mist